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Privacy Policy

Personal information
At we take users personal information like name, address, place, mobile number and we keep this information securely with us. By doing this we got the idea of the user’s personal information. The personal information of our users is the most important thing to us and we make necessary steps conduction for keeping them securely with us.

Tracking information
At the time when user do the visit on our website then at that time our special trackers track their basic information. And this basic information is tracked to keep the record of hat user who is making visit on our website just for the record purpose. Whether the person is visiting our website doing nothing but surfing the website then also we will track his basic information and that is like his server name, domain name, IP address, browser type, date and time of surfing the website and his location that from where he is surfing our website.

Third party users
Our expert persons keep the user’s personal information in the secured database and this information is never shared with anyone. If someone needs this information then we never provide this information unless we got the full confirmation from your side that you are agree to share your personal information with any third party users.

Cookies are the small files which store the information on the user’s browser which helps him to keep the password remember when he visits the website and this way they help in keeping the track of number of visitor on the website.