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Question and Answers

There is a huge list of services which are provided by us to the client side. We only work for the benefit of the client as well as for their well-being. We have entered in the market just to benefit people and make them understand our importance as well their impact on us. These are only certain things which make us completely different from one another.

 1. Do I really need to perform the system of building and pest inspection on my property?

Yes you really need to perform them because doing so will help you from occurrence of any type of loss that is going to be faced on your property in future.

 2. Can the process of building and pest inspection process be performed on a brand new home?

Yes this system can be performed on the new house as well to save it from getting destroyed in the coming time.

 3. How long will it take to complete the entire work of building and pest inspection process?

It basically depends upon the overall defects that are there in your property and after that the time period can be decided.

 4. Is there any way to contact the inspector after completion of my building and pest inspection process?

Yes you can. Infact we provide some of the very best services at the end which are known as after sales service.

 5. Can you pay special attention to some of the specific area in my property?

Yes we can we help you with some of the special activities that have been assigned to you by us as it leads to the working of the system. Everyone has certain special corners in their house and we can help you with that.

 6. When would I be getting my reports?

We will be sending people to check your entire system and once they are done with it special plans are made for the same and at the end the reports are made ready and given to you.

 7. Can I cancel my policy signed with you?

Yes you can cancel it but if you cancel it after 48 hours of getting it booked we will charge some amount of money from you.